India’s Telecom Regulator Recommends Implementation Of Mobile Number Portability By April 2007


CIOL: This is great news for mobile subscribers and will go a long way in improving the telecom services. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has today recommended number portability for mobile subscribers. This is expected to bring about more competition among the mobile operators since customers do not have to worry about changing their numbers as they move from one operator to the other.
The number portability service is likely to be implemented within a year according to the regulator’s recommendations. “Mobile number portability implementation process should be initiated in our country. A time frame of 12 months between the acceptance of recommendation by the Government and launch of this facility is recommended. It is recommended that this facility should be available to mobile subscribers tentatively by 1st April 2007,” the regulator said.
However, the recommendations do not cover fixed number portability.

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