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DMB To Be Test Launched In Germany

Korea is showcasing its DMB mobile TV technology at CeBIT, running three channels and covering all of Hanover’s districts and the conference hall from today until next Wednesday…”Offering experimental broadcasting service doesn’t necessarily mean the future commercialization of DMB in Germany,” said an official at the ministry’s broadcasting and satellite division. “The DMB test launch, however, is significant in that it will showcase Korea’s homespun technology in Hanover where the European mobile TV platform DVB-H stands a very high chance of becoming the standard.”
Germany was one of the first European nations to trial mobile TV back in 2004, with some pretty successful results reported. While the Koreans recognise the difficulties they face with fighting DVB-H on its home turf the DMB standard does have one significant advantage — it uses spectrum which is currently available. The test will use 1.4GHz on the “L” band. If the status quo is maintained DVB-H will have a hard time coming in before 2012, whereas German broadcast authorities are currently allocating frequencies to companies which wish to test DMB services (hence this little demo, I guess). The European industry is currently lobbying the EU to do something about the spectrum issue…
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