You Tube Growing Up?


A little while ago I had pointed to “copyright” material that was showing up on You Tube was one of the main reasons for their growing popularity. I certainly enjoyed the cricket clips. It also got them into hot water with NBC’s legal department.

The good news is that they are listening, and have started warning those who are putting copyright infringing material on the You Tube site. (Some entrepreneurs who had decided to put their evening news (television clips) online have been warned by You Tube!)

Now Dave Coustan has found out that they are making people sign-up for what amounts to be an age-verification form. (Girls of You Tube might be the reason?) Maybe cleaning up the act (and respecting copyright) was part of their recent partnership with MTV? “his is just a start, we’re in discussions with lots of networks, movie studios and record labels to feature more cool videos on YouTube,” Tubers says on their blog.


Vladimir Orlt

IMHO, YouTube has 2 major -ves: the copyright issues discussed above and the poor syncing of video and audio.

disclaimer: I am a YouTube newbie


You enjoyed the cricket clips? Meaning you watched them, right? Don’t you think that’s extremely hypocritical? Since you hate seeing copyrighted material and love to raise hell about it, the next time you see cricket clips or something you enjoy, don’t watch it.

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