PubSub CEO Leaves


There has been a little shake-up at New York-based PubSub Concepts, one of the original RSS tracker services. Long time CEO, Salim Ismail, known for his flamboyant shirts and no-nonsense manner has left the company. He has been replaced by Constantine Spathis. In an email to several of his contacts, Ismail said he was leaving for several reasons, and wrote, “When I started PubSub, it was always the intent to build it to a certain point and then leave to do my next venture. After four years (internet years, no less), that time has come.” Is something major is clearly afoot at the company? There have been acquisition rumors doing the rounds for a while now. More details to follow.


Om Malik

hey salim,

it your predeliction for those wonderful thomas pink shirts.

and no i cannot confuse you with marc canter… who is one of a kind.


Salim Ismail

Hey Om, what’s with the flamboyant shirts…? Please do not tell me you are confusing me with Marc Canter… I know we have the same hairstyle and all, but still…

Important factoid: I haven’t been the CEO for several months now. Gus came on board in October as interim CEO and we’ve been quietly transitioning for quite a while.

And for obvious reasons we can’t talk about what’s happening at the company. Yes, things are afoot, but isn’t that always the case at a small exciting company?


p.s. Nice use of a good word… ‘afoot’ – love it.

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