More UMPC details emerge


GottaBeMobile points to some new pictures from ubertablet of the black alleged Origami device that Origamiportal leaked yesterday, lending some credence to this being an actual device of some kind. They point out that this device was originally on a retail web site but has since been pulled. Nice photos that show how thin this device is.

I was traipsing around the Intel web site last night and ran across an official UMPC part of their main site that has additional pictures of their UMPC device along with details about the hardware and other items of interest.

Intel has promised some details March 7 which happens to be today here in the western world so we’ll keep our eyes open. I love my job.


Stephen Brandon

Any idea how Origami is impacting DualCor’s release date? Any idea what DualCor’s release date will be?

Steve Brandon


“I’m at Cebit in Hanover and happened to walk past the Samsung booth today in Hall 1. The stand is still under construction but I got a chance to see what appeared to be Samsung’s new portable PC based on Microsoft’s Origami technology. “There were a couple of small terminals on display under the Microsoft, Intel and Samsung logos. After a few seconds they were covered up by a Samsung representative who came over when he saw me! “I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture–so you’ll have to take my word for it–but the device is roughly A5-sized.



i want the origami to have a tc1000 series detachable keyboard. please.


That intel site is a terrific find JK- the first definate specs I’ve seen. Still so close to the Sony U in concept (I guess they got the marketing wrong), just with an integrated keyboard (essential and hopefully well done) and better connectivity. I wonder how long before these things are generally available.

Mickey Segal has this Q&A:

“QUESTION: Is the UMPC going to replace the laptop or PDA?

ANSWER: No. The UMPC is a mobile device designed to access online media and content on the go. It is not designed to process lots of work or write a college thesis. You have your laptop or desktop for these tasks. Instead, the UMPC is a great PC companion.

The UMPC is powerful enough to provide a great gaming, music or video experience. People will have to decide whether they want to replace their dedicated electronic device with the UMPC.”

I don’t see people using pens with these devices. Do any of the pictures show pen bays?

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