HP Labs India Working On A Technology To Link Satellite TV To Internet


ComputerPartner: Hewlett-Packard Co.’s HP Labs India is working on a technology to integrate satellite TV with the Web. The company will soon be testing with broadcasters a technology that allows a user to click on hyperlinks embedded in TV content, which will take the user to a Web site. “We want to drive Internet traffic through television,” said Ajay Gupta, director of the lab.
The opportunity for HP and the providers of these services is to monetize the clicks on the TV content, Gupta said. The return channel for the TV viewer could be a satellite uplink, a broadband connection, or a dial-up telephone line, he added. HP Labs India is also doing field trials with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in Bangalore and the local Karnataka state government on technology that will enable satellite TV viewers to print out documents from their TV screen at the press of a button on the remote control of the TV.
“We can weave data into the audio and video signal, so that when people are watching the program, if they want to keep some data, they can print it out,” Gupta said. The technology will enable government and other organizations to use the TV medium to disseminate important documents, he added.
The technology can be deployed globally in some form, Gupta said, and it’s also because of the realisation that TV is one of the best mediums to reach out to the masses in emerging economies, he added.

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