Bhatia Bashing Begins!


I haven’t downloaded Sabeer Bhatia’s VoiFi yet. It’s the latest VoIP offering from the Hotmail founder. I haven’t felt the need yet since I already have Skype. But if you are interested in some reviews of Bhatia’s VoiFi, here are they:

Review 1: If you can get VoiFi logged on you will have call quality that doesn’t even compare with the worst cellphone call…You must at least match Skype on voice quality. (At this time I can think of 1/2 dozen clients that do.) At this stage in the maturation of this space I could spec out a better client in no time flat. So why such mediocrity is being launched I have absolutely no idea. The founder apparently has some money to burn. Still there are many better clients out there that have launched with much less fanfare and are more deserving. I’ve also raved about clones before and what it takes. (Via Skype Journal)
Review 2: The website’s slow to boot for a start (too many pageloads!?) The screenshots show up as a kid’s attempt at a school project (mine were better!) It doesn’t do PC-to-Phone calls (not yet) The site doesn’t have a proper download page or install instructions! No troubleshooting steps (Oh! wait, I forgot, all the people in this world are techies and will not have any problems installing this).
What’s the idea of creating another p2p chat/voice chat client in an already over-crowded market with nothing extra to offer except a few games, oh, wait. I bet I can’t do that on my yahoo messenger! (or can I?) (Via
Review 3: I checked out the website and the features and all I can say is ho-hum. I don’t even see PSTN termination capabilities listed. I would have expected more from Sabeer, who is a dotcom legend, getting paid millions for Hotmail by Microsoft. (Via Tom Keating)

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