Outsourcing Of Advertising Creatives Catching On; Internet Is Helping It

Wall Street Journal: An interesting story on how outsourcing has spread to advertising creatives too. For instance, niche luxury watch brand Alfred Hammel handed its ad account over to New York-based Banerjee & Partners, an agency specializing in outsourcing work to India.
Banerjee’s staff in Bangalore does art direction and color correction on the photos, which were shot in New York. The finished work is sent back to New York over the Internet. Dave Banerjee, the agency’s founder, says his U.S. team, which works in morning and afternoon shifts to take advantage of the time difference, works closely with the Indian team throughout to process “to ensure that the work reflects the right cultural nuances.” The move saves an estimated 30 per cent to 40 per cent on production costs for the watch company’s annual $3 million ad budget.
In this context, I remember an Indian company called 360 Degree Interactive. They are in the process of launching a Web 2.0 product called “TracBac”. TracBac is an online web based collaboration tool for visual industries like designing, advertising agencies, visual merchandising. I think such a product would make sense for offshoring creative work.

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