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Most Popular Movie Ringtones

Moderati has released the top ten movie theme ringtones sold on its service Modtones…
Song title/Movie — Movie
1. Scotty Doesn’t Know — Eurotrip
2. Halloween Theme — Halloween
3. Pink Panther Theme — Pink Panther
4. Eye of the Tiger (Rocky) — Survivor
5. Godfather Love Theme — Godfather
6. Mission Impossible Theme — Mission Impossible
7. James Bond Theme (Intro)
8. Seasons of Love — Rent
9. Dueling Banjos — Deliverance
10. Tubular Bells — The Exorcist
Seven of the top ten ringtones are from movies with sequels, which could “prove the power of repeated impressions” as suggested by Moderati, or could reflect the repetitious nature of the movie industry. Interestingly, the chart isn’t dominated by a single genre or time frame — golden-oldies competed well with the latest movies.
“Movie themes make fantastic ringtones because of their familiarity and the mood they evoke,” said Cindy Lundin Mesaros, VP Marketing for Moderati. “The theme from “Halloween” communicates dread and fear — perfect for when your mother-in-law calls.” Indeed…