More Origami / Intel UMPC photos surface

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The Origami/ UMPC frenzy continues today with new photos cropping up as fast as people can post them. The latest alleged Origami photo appeared on and looks very nice:

Tonight Mobility Today found some photos and additional information on that Intel site that shows a handheld computer in people’s hands.

Come on March 9th- hurry up and get here!

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Peter Elliot

It all comes down to price. At $500 they’d be beating me off with a stick (assuming it delivers what it needs to deliver – nice screen, WiFi, etc). At $1000 they can add it too the long list of failed Microsoft hardware along with smart displays.

A 7 or 8″ tablet with an optimized windows running off a small hard drive which allows standard PC software to run would suit my needs very nicely.

I think the top image is more realistic than the mock ups where the LCD covers almost all the surface – although I wish the case above the display were a little thinner.

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