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iTouch Wins “Covertone” Case In Sth Africa

The South African Advertising Standards Authority has dismissed all of Sony BMG’s complaints against iTouch regarding it selling realtones that had been recorded by cover bands. From iTouch…”The ASA Tribunal found that our advertising did not mislead customers with regard to the difference between terminology for “original” and “cover” ringtones, or that the use of content that is licensed from intellectual property holders other than Sony BMG exploits its advertising goodwill. The ruling by the Advertising Industry Tribunal found in favour of iTouch in all counts.”
Despite winning the case iTouch has decided to label such ringtones as covertones, a move which is being increasingly taken up around the world. My only question is that when a major band does a cover version of an older song will that be labeled as a covertone?
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