Indian Pay TV Market To Touch $8 Billion By 2015; IPTV To Rake In $240 Million

0 Comments According to a new report from Media Partners Asia, India will become Asia’s leading market for cable and satellite broadcasters by 2010, as well as the region’s largest DTH market by 2008 and its leading revenue generating pay-TV market by 2015.
The report, entitled Asia Pacific Pay TV and Broadband Markets 2006, covers 16 territories in the region, looking at the distribution of multichannel video and broadband services over multiple networks.
Televisionpoint has some more details: The Multi Channel video industry in India is set to rake in some $5.4 billion in revenues by 2010 and $8.03 billion by 2015. Cable TV is expected to contribute more than 82 per cent of the total subscription by 2015 while direct-to-home (DTH) will be responsible for 15 per cent revenue and Internet Protocol TV three per cent to the total revenue.
Despite the issues like an uneven regulatory framework, especially with respect to retail and wholesale cable TV rates, foreign investment, broadband competition, and program distribution, the Indian market is attractive, says the report.

Media Partners Asia Ltd (MPA), says, “Nonetheless, we believe that the market, not regulation, will triumph in the long term. We expect IPTV services, bundled with broadband, to be offered at a premium to the competition. We see monthly IPTV average revenue per user (ARPU) growing from $5 in 2006 to $7 by 2010 and $ 9 by 2015.” The market for multichannel video (cable, DTH, IPTV) could grow from about 65 million in 2005 to 104 million by 2010 and 125 million by 2015. This implies that multichannel video penetration could grow from 57 per cent in 2005 to 67 per cent by 2010 and 71 per cent by 2015.

Driven by DTH pay-TV competition and potential deregulation, the study has projected cable to gradually consolidate lastmile ownership, ramp up deployment of bundled digital video and broadband Internet, and corporatise industry practices.

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