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Cohen Vs Cohen at Bit Torrent?

Something strange is going on at Bit Torrent, the San Francisco-based p2p company that changed the rules of the digital distribution. Apparently, Ross Cohen, the chief technology officer with the company has left the building. What I heard was that there was some nudging by brother and Bit Torrent founder, Bram Cohen.

I popped an email to the company’s director of communications, Lily Lin, and she replied. “Yes, Ross is not at BitTorrent anymore. The position was no longer a good fit.” Well, when you take $8.75 million in VC funding it means you get some careful monitoring …. right. ;-)

I wonder how thanksgiving dinner will be this year?

4 Responses to “Cohen Vs Cohen at Bit Torrent?”

  1. i have no doubt about things working out for the company. they still got great technology and great opportunity. sometimes things just don’t shake out the way they are supposed to.

  2. Anonymous

    I guess there is also an issue with their COO/president Mr. Ashwin outsourcing work to a company in India and then not paying for the services good luck to Bram for choosing the right guy.