Cohen Vs Cohen at Bit Torrent?


Something strange is going on at Bit Torrent, the San Francisco-based p2p company that changed the rules of the digital distribution. Apparently, Ross Cohen, the chief technology officer with the company has left the building. What I heard was that there was some nudging by brother and Bit Torrent founder, Bram Cohen.

I popped an email to the company’s director of communications, Lily Lin, and she replied. “Yes, Ross is not at BitTorrent anymore. The position was no longer a good fit.” Well, when you take $8.75 million in VC funding it means you get some careful monitoring …. right. ;-)

I wonder how thanksgiving dinner will be this year?


Om Malik

i have no doubt about things working out for the company. they still got great technology and great opportunity. sometimes things just don’t shake out the way they are supposed to.


I guess there is also an issue with their COO/president Mr. Ashwin outsourcing work to a company in India and then not paying for the services good luck to Bram for choosing the right guy.

Kevin Burton

Ross and Bram are both good guys so I hope it works out… Ross seems like he’s doing pretty well though so I’m sure it won’t be a major issue ;)

Jeremy Pepper

Hey, we’ve seen this post before – same dance, different company. You take the cash, you have to take the marching orders.

Not a fun day for the comm person, though.

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