Remember Woot!? (For those of you who don’t, woot prides itself on bringing us insane deals on techy stuff, one per day, sold as is. Makes for some excitement in todays online commerce!) MacZOT is essentially Woot for Mac people. Every day, MacZOT features one piece of Mac software at often unbeatable deals.



Hello to all :) I can’t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Help me, please

Brian Ball

Paul what’s fishy is you thinking something has to be fishy. LOL

The people behind iClip and MacGrab/MacZOT are friends. We try to support each other’s businesses whenever possible.

Brian Ball is behind MacSquares, MacGrab, AppZapper, and now MacZOT in case your building the Mac Family Tree. :-)

Dan Lurie

Josh – iClip was yesterdays product, thats why you don’t see it any more.

Paul – I don’t think its all that fishy. The iClip people seem to want to pimp their product all over the place. I remember they were giving stuff away at most of the press parties during MWSF. I don’t think its out of the question to think that they just contacted MacGrab as well as MacZot.

Paul Stamatiou

Something seems fishy. Are the founders of this anyhow related to those that made Because they were also pushing iClip…

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