Sabeer Bhatia Back! This Time With A VoIP Service; Plans A Slew Of Other Offerings


Business Standard: Who says Sabeer Bhatia has hung up his boots? The founder of Hotmail is readying a slew of products now, which includes a VoIP service for Indian community. After a series of ventures he started post-hotmail like Arzoo and NaveenMail failed to make box office success, he is hoping these ones to bring him back to the limelight.
The first one is VoiFi Beta, an instant messaging (IM) service and a peer-to-peer telephony software, that also offers calls for Re 1 from any part of the world to India. The software has gaming content like “War Zones”, “Snakes and Ladders”, “Tic-Tac-Toe” and a version of the Indian poker called “Teen Patti”, enabling users to play games while on IM or voice calls. The software, developed in India, was launched on Thursday. A Mumbai-based subsidiary of Bhatia’s US company VoiFi Technology Corporation, that was set up in 2004, has been working on it for the last 18 months.
The second one is a project that will help speed up Hotmail. At present, Hotmail is registering a lot of user complaints, the major among them being slow response. (Can’t he disengage with Hotmail now?)
Another project is to roll out a software to increase the capacity of Hotmail. In India, it is allocated a storage space of around 400 MB, while users in the US get around 2GB. He also plans to relaunch on the lines of Expedia, a portal providing travel services.
Sabeer Bhatia is one of those who had his first venture a success and then a series of failures. Hope he succeeds this time in at least one of them.

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