Who Did News Corp Just Buy?


Apparently, News Corp., is back shopping and has just acquired another start-up. I am in middle of Next Net 25 round table event, and don’t have many details. Nearly half way through our event, a little buzz went around the room. The word came from down in Silicon Valley, where IBD was having its under the radar event.

Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive told the attendees that Rupert Murdoch had snapped up another, though he did not reveal any details. He apparently said that the company was in the room. So I ducked out of our roundtable, and was able to confirm that News Corp., had indeed bought a smallish Web 2.0 company! Which one? Not sure as of now – but rest assured the phone is in maximum use right now.



is a serial entrepreneur who played a majoy in the invention inter net advertising and digital media superdistbution

Ismaël Denis

I’ve been told they were discussing with wengo/openwengo. The European Gizmo project owned by a French telco.

Matt J.

Hmm, thats confusing. Every blog I’ve gone to lately puts the “name tags” on the top, not the bottom. Thus granting me the ignorant one. My apologies to Ethan, and my fingers pointing at Clair and Michael.

Matt J.

Ethan – What in the world would make you think Newsvine would be purchased? Ignorance is bliss on your part.

The last company to be purchased by another company would be Newsvine Inc.

Robert Young

If I were FIM, I would buy Riya. First, I would apply Riya to MySpace for security purposes, then use it for other photo & video-related features.


Trulia would make sense for newscorp’s newspaper and traditional media properties.

Om Malik

actually the price is said to be not too high, so makes it tough that YouTube is going to be the take over candidate.


Om, you’re like a hound on a raccoon. Go get em boy! :-))

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