Ultra-portable roundup


Ultra-portable news has been flying all around the web and today we find the “week 2” video on the Origami Project website. This week’s teaser definitely begins to imply some sort of take anywhere use anywhere type of gadget, especially based on all the speculation that has been discussed ad nauseum on the web. The Origami video ends with an indication that March 9th may shed some further light on the teaser campaign. GottaBeMobile chimes in today with a link to a teaser from Intel that indicates an Ultra Mobile PC will be announced on March 7. If you recall Intel has been showing off the Ruby prototype since last year so perhaps this is some sort of official announcement that is coming next week. Between Origami and Intel’s new teaser it looks like CeBIT in Germany is the place to be next week for ultra-portable announcements. And last but not least, DL Magazine has posted a video interview of DualCor Technologies CEO Steve Hanley showing off in detail the soon to be released cPC handheld computer. The interview was recorded at CES in January and provides additional details about the unique dual-processor computer. To top it off Popular Science is featuring the cPC in the March 2006 issue of the magazine. It’s a good time to be a gadget freak.

Disclosure: I am on the board of technical advisors for DualCor.

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