Mobile TV Exec Foresees Content-Wireless Carrier Clash

Michael Schueppert, president of Modeo (which is building the DVB-H network in the US) has made some predictions to the DVB World Forum, including that mobile phones will account for only half the devices used to watch mobile TV. He also said that DVB-H and MediaFLO would both succeed, but DAB-based technology was a “dead end”.
“Perhaps Schueppert’s safest forecast was that the biggest battles over mobile TV in the next three years won’t be over competing technologies, but will instead pit broadcast content owners against the wireless carriers who own the mobile customer base. “There is a chance that peace will break out. We’ve tried,” said Schueppert. “But I think it’s more likely to be a fight than a harmonious relationship.”
There’s a list of ten predictions which is worth reading…