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Time to give a shout out to the hometown newspaper, The Houston Chronicle. A study by the NYU journalism department found the Chronicle to be the hands down best blogging newspaper. Heck, I could have told them that if they’d just asked. The Houston Chronicle has a host of blogs covering many different subjects and the paper’s blogging effort is in no small part to the efforts of staff tech journalist, Dwight Silverman. Dwight has been at the paper for a long time and writes the top tech blog, TechBlog, which has been in my feedreader since it started. Kudos to the Chronicle for getting it.



India-born entrepreneurs empower US voters

Shukoor Ahmed ran for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates in 1998, after coming to America a decade earlier from Hyderabad, India. Campaigning door-to-door, he was surprised so many voters did not know who represented them!

After his race ended slightly short of victory, he took advantage of his Master’s degree in Computer Technology and Political Science to build StateDemocracy.org, a website he launched in 2001 to connect citizens and lawmakers. His website’s motto encapsulated its mission:


Virginia, sorry to hear that. If anybody sees her journal please email her directly at the address in the link to her name.

Virginia Cazort

I am an old woman recently en route from Chiapas, Mexico, to East Calais, Vt. At the Comfort Inn in Nacadoches my journal, covering many important events in my life, including the Iraq war, a trip to Europe during that time, a tour of Sicily, the births of grandchildren, deaths of friends, drafts of poems and essays on current topics, especially Mexican people and animals, and the arrival of migrant birds and butterflies on my VT farm, plus lots else–fell off my car. It is lost. I am sad. It is like an appendage that I need to maneuver through my week. Can you suggest any way to look for it? 8 by 10, black bound with weak front cover. Thanks.

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