GlucoTrack- non-invasive blood sugar monitor


The GlucoTrack is a new device that measures blood glucose level through a simple clip on the earlobe. No more pin pricks! Integrity Applications is the developer of the new technology and has this to say:

The device is battery operated and includes 2 subunits: Main Unit, containing Display and Control, Transmitter, Receiver and Processor, and “Earring” unit, containing Sensors and Calibration Electronics, to be attached (externally clipped) to the earlobe, so that the monitoring is done non-invasively.

GlucoTrack™’s principle of operation is based on simultaneous measurement of three independent parameters, by using three different technologies: ultrasound, conductivity and heat capacity. IR technology, commonly used by other developers, causes problem of data analysis, due to physiological characteristics; therefore it is not used by GlucoTrack™. The measurements’ results are analyzed by a particular algorithm, and the combined end-result is displayed to the user on a digital screen. Extreme values, pre determined by a user, cause visual and audible alerts.

Here’s hoping that the GlucoTrack actually makes it to market. I have reported on several non-invasive glucose meters that never seem to make it to market, which is a real shame. There is a HUGE demand for such a device.

(via Gizmodo)

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