AMD Dials Skype? What’s Up?


There is an old wives tale in India which goes something like this: you put a dog’s tail in a pipe for 12 years, and then take off the pipe.The tail is still going to be curvy. It is the same story with Intel. Despite losing most of its mojo, the company uses it money and clout for monopolistic practices. Oh, I am not saying it. AMD does.

Users with AMD dual-core chips or single-core chips are restricted to hosting five-person conference calls because only Intel’s chips offer the performance necessary to host the 10-way call, according to Skype. (C/Net

The #2 microprocessor maker is pursuing an anti-trust case against Intel, and contends that Skype 2.0 (the software that turns your laptops into toaster ovens) doesn’t run too well on its dual core processors. No surprise, AMD has hit Skype with a subpoena.



I’m glad Gips isn’t involved. Gotta watch with who and how your running these days.

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