Apple’s Announcements: Intel-based Mac Mini With Shared Media; iPod Hi-Fi For Home Use

Updated: Here’s the gist: a heavy emphasis on home media with the introuction of an Intel-based mac mini that can share TV across a home network and an iPod Hi-Fi boombox. Via Engadget, Steve Jobs:

On the new Mac mini with Front Row: “If you’ve got a Mac mini hooked up to a television in your living room, you’ll be able to see the media that you’ve got on every machine you’ve got hooked up to your network in your house.” It also can share music and video from portable devices with the exception of cell phones. This feature has been added to the Front Row software and will be avilable on machine with Front Row. $599 and $799.

On iPod Hi-Fi: “We think we can deliver home stereo quality for the first time in the iPod ecosystem.” Price: $349.

For our purposes, the networked media is what matters, but I can’t help thinking about the numerous third-party iPod home stereo solutions are already out there. Hi-Fi may turn out to be great but what a diss for some of Apple’s partners/licensees.

In the comments, Ethan Kaplan explains the cool factor of the Hi-Fi for him, centered on integration with AirPort Express.
NYT: Jobs: “We’ve put a lot of work into making the iPod a part of on-the-go living. … Now our second focus is in the home.” “The new Mac Mini does move Apple a step closer to offering a living-room PC similar to a Windows Media Center. … But Mini still lacks built-in abilities to record video from a television, which would turn it into a natural TiVo competitor, or a simple way to hook into a cable or satellite TV system.”

Thomas Hawk: “Television still is the critical missing component that Apple needs to make this product a hit. The product needs both a PVR and especially a PVR that does HDTV. … Of course, throw in an Apple buyout of TiVo and put a high definition TiVo in the box along with Front Row and you’d have the hit of the decade.”

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