Apple Special Event Live Coverage


Posting as the news comes in.

Intel Mac mini

Gigabit Ethernet, 4 USB 2.0 ports, SPDIF audio. Ships with Front Row and IR remote. Core Solo & Duo versions. Stream iTunes, DVD player, and iPhoto to other machines using Bonjour.

– 1.5 Ghz Core Solo, 60GB, Combo Drive: $599

– 1.67 Core Duo, 80GB, Super Drive: $799

Both available today

Front Row With Bonjour

Version that ships on new minis will be available to other Front Row users.

Sexy Leather iPod Cases

For Video and Nano, $99, available in March.

No holes for screen or clickwheel.

iPod Hi-Fi

“Near Audiophile quality.”

Two 80mm Mid-range drivers, center 130mm dual voice coil woofer.

Runs off 6 D batteries, runs for “Several hours.”

Controlled through iPod, new software update puts controls on iPod screen.

Universal dock connector, will work with any dock connector iPod.

Can also be controlled with Apple remote.

$349, on sale today.

Thats it for today folks. I was hoping against hope for a “One More Thing,” but Jobs has left the stage.

Apple store is back up as of 11:54 MST



What exactly was disappointing about this? We got a new Mac, a new Front Row, and some iPod accessories. Maybe if you were expecting Apple to announce everything you had ever hoped for, okay. But if you’ve had your head in reality for the past week, this event wasn’t a letdown.

Then again, I don’t understand the complaining about the GMA950 in the Mini, either.

L. Hunt

No firewire?

On board video?

As Chris Holland said: “OMFG”!!!!


I wasn’t dissapointed… I was hoping to see a new mac mini… apart from them including a much needed tv tuner in the system (unlikely at this point) i can’t think of much else to ask for… iPod boombox thing will be useful for some people I’m sure, leather iPod cases are pretty nice. New mac mini is awesome, from the invitation I didn’t expect a macworld caliber annoucement.


Great! Now where is the webcast!?!!? How am I supposed to even go make a sandwich without seeing the video!? :)

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