Use Spotlight to Search Bookmarks

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This is great!
Install the plugin and you can search your bookmarks through Spotlight. I installed it, and a moment later ran a query – my CPU has stayed steady as ever while the indexing occured – with instant results.

Quicksilver also has a plugin to do this, but the response is not quite on par with Spotlight. Now I just need this plugin for Ma.gnolia, as I migrate to that bookmarking system.

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Kevin Ballard

Seems pretty cool, but it’s not universal. I tried getting their source, which is in a darcs repo (and `port install darcs` doesn’t work as ghc doesn’t work on intel macs yet) so I had to download it file-by-file from their web interface. Then I discovered they depended on two non-bundled third-party frameworks, at least one of which wasn’t universal (in fact, hasn’t been updated in a year). Sheesh.

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