No Go For TV-To-Go?

Sling Media is experiencing some difficulties with its TV-to-mobile service announced early this year — it can’t get any carriers to sign up for the service. “We have no immediate plans to run that service,” says Jeffrey Nelson, spokesman for Verizon Wireless, the country’s second-largest carrier. “What runs on our network are our services.”…A spokesman for Sprint declined to comment on Sling Media, while a Cingular spokesman says the company “will have to look into it.”
The problem is obvious — the carriers have their own mobile TV services to promote and don’t want any competition…especially “free” competition. It’s true they could make money from selling the bandwidth required to use the Slingbox Mobile service, but they often charge for bandwidth for their own services anyway, and get the content fees on top of that. Nevertheless, Sling Media Chief Executive Blake Krikorian is optimistic about the companies chances of getting a deal with the carriers, while Ovum wireless analyst Roger Entner claims the biggest advantage Sling Media has is that if the carriers try to block it they’ll be perceived as restricting consumer choice.
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