News Corp Targets Mobile With Mobizzo


“Twelve executives from the News Corporation gathered recently in a makeshift office in Barcelona to plot their newest entertainment venture. But they did not come to discuss television dramas, film or newspapers, their core businesses, but how to create entertainment for the cellphone.”
So they’ve launched Mobizzo, a mobile content store which offers “text alerts from a gossip column in a British tabloid, The Sun, and kung fu movie posters and yoga and meditation music from the Star media group in Hong Kong”. It will cost $2-3 per item or a subscription plan for $5.99 per month…available on Cingular and T-Mobile with other carriers planned (obviously, for a third-party portal). However, despite the obvious strength from News Corp’s archive video won’t be available for at least 12 months “because most American cellphones cannot receive it”. Then Lucy Hood, who is overseeing Mobizzo at the News Corporation’s Fox Mobile Entertainment and Fox Mobile Studios, had the nerve to try and pretend News Corp is somehow breaking new ground.
“The question,” she said, “is, How do we roll out a global mobile product? How do we share? It’s a new business we are trying to conquer. We are taking an enormous risk. But these days, it’s about being first.”
From what they’ve launched so far I’m pretty sure it’s all been done before, or something similar. Admitedly, there are some interesting sources of content…a Hollywood tattoo designer, a Chinese art collective, a Los Angeles street artist, some teenage underground comic writers and so on.
Apparently Rupert Murdoch wants Mobizzo to be a global brand by the end of the year, but it’s going to take a lot of work…

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