MySpace On Cingular


MySpace LogoRussell Beattie has noticed that MySpace now offers text alerts to Cingular customers — a week after launching announcing a more comprehensive service on MVNO Helio. The service is free (apart from operator charges) and just sends an alert when someone leaves a comment or sends a message, but you have to log into MySpace on a computer to find out what it is.
The service is likely to be extended to other carriers (in my opinion) and expanded in terms of what you can do. Of course, there is apparently a backlash against MySpace which will probably be exacerbated by the move to mobile, which already has it’s own concerns about the activities of kids. Still, if MySpace behaves sensibly and handles the situation appropriately it will blow over…everyone acts like kids hiding things from their parents and doing things their parents don’t know about is something new…
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