Mobile Content Firm Fined And Banned From Service

LaNetro Zed has been fined US$44,000 by the UK’s premium rate telephony regulator, ICSTIS and also had access to its premium rate SMS services barred for three months. Customers had complained about the company after it continued charging them after they had sent the “stop” command. LaNetro Zed is appealing the ruling and will be allowed to continue offering its service until the result of the appeal.
We’ve received a response from LaNetra Zed to this story…the significant part is included below.

Background to adjudication
Zed UK Ltd has confirmed in writing to ICSTIS that it has not been in breach of the code as outlined by ICSTIS and has responded formally to each of the allegations. In particular:
–Customers have always been free to leave the service
–The STOP command does stop further billing
–The 0906 helpline number has not been advertised since June 2004 and Zed UK has communicated the new helpline number, 0870 600 0933, to every network and in Zed UK’s weekly customer service updates since this date.
On 10th February ICSTIS advised Zed UK that it had acknowledged and confirmed that sanctions would be suspended until the outcome of a review or oral hearing based on the above circumstances.

Concerning the helpline I can only wonder where people are getting the old number. Concerning the response to the issue over the STOP command, the complaints were that the messages sent about outstanding fees were themselves premium messages, for which customers got charged.
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