Get started with Programming Basics: the first step to Cocoa… C++

I was going to write up a C/C++ primer, but I think this will do well…. Just start with lesson one, and work your way from there.

Now that it’s fallen off of the top spots, it should be accessible. Just ignore the Windows-centric portions of the tutorials, and it is a good intro to programming, and builds the bridge to learning Obj-C and Cocoa. Most Cocoa tutorials assume you’ve had that experience. If you know C or C++ well, then Aaron Hillegass’ book on Cocoa is a good one.

I recommend studying C or C++ before you attempt to use the tutorials on Though they’re good, it’s still a good idea to come to the table with something when you start. From there, you might be able to glean more info from I advise against posting there right away, as the cocoadev wiki users can be a little rough to “newbies”. But, it’s certainly a place to start.


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