Alcatel Proposes Satellite DVB-H


Alcatel has proposed providing mobile TV using DVB-H technology but in the 2.2-gigahertz or “S” band currently reserved for mobile satellite services across the globe. DVB-H is the mobile TV technology of choice for most of Europe, with the one small problem that the UHF spectrum it runs on may not be available until 2012.
“Alcatel’s plan is to remove the uncertainty surrounding the availability of UHF spectrum by adding in the option of using 2.2 GHz. Coste said this spectrum is not currently used at all in Europe, although it is now being used for satellite services in the US…In addition, Coste said a major advantage of 2.2-GHz is that it is adjacent to the spectrum used for 3G networks. He said this would allow the reuse of 3G base stations and antennas, while 2.2-GHz would also allow the production of small handsets as they would not require large aerials.”
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