The JetLag Watch

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I am pretty sure I ran across this a long time ago but listening to a recent Daily GizWiz Show brought it back to memory. The patented JetLag Watch is an ingenious analog watch that tries to ease the psychological effects of jet lag. Here’s how it works (from the JetLag Watch web site):

The patented JetLag® Watch gradually transitions you from the time in your departure city’s time zone to the correct local time in your destination’s time zone…while you fly! This allows you to acclimate slowly to the new time zone over the course of several hours, and that eliminates Time Zone Shock, the feeling that the new local time somehow isn’t real.

Simply enter the time at the destination, the length of your flight, press the travel button, and watch the JetLag® Watch speed up (if you’re flying east) or slow down (if you’re flying west) to ease you into the new time zone over the course of your flight. By the time you arrive at your destination, the JetLag® Watch automatically resumes operation at the normal rate, and you are fully psychologically adapted to the new time zone.

I don’t know if it works but it is certainly an interesting concept for frequent travelers.

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After flying into CAN/HKG/SHA many times over the past several years I can tell you the best jetlag cure I’ve found is to arrive at 7pm (local time) to find your beautiful Fiancee waiting for you with a big smile on her face.

I’m pretty sure her internal clock synchronizes my internal clock better than any watch. :-)

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