Origami video?


Speculation about the Origami Project is running rampant everywhere and my podcasting buddy Kevin Tofel may have found some hard video via a comment on an engadget post discussing the mysterious project. Kevin points out if you go the the website for marketing firm DigitalKitchen, enter the site, click WORK and then BRANDTHEATRE you find the first entry says Microsoft Origami. Have a look at the video- it is extremely well done and fits with the information that Scoble passed on that the Origami Project is a device. Nice find, Kevin. Look at these stills captured from the video:



It’s still there, but you need to turn off your popup blocking software to get the Work–>Brandtheatre–>Microsoft Origami link working.


I guess I’ll stop saving for that Axim and start saving for this. SO much more versatile, from what I can tell, and will boost my business need tremendously. Terrific find.


Great bit of viral marketing. Interesting to see there’s obviously some budget behind this. You have to say though its not a million miles away from a Sony u750p, which shows how way ahead of its time that product was. The key difference seems to be integral GPS functionality


Holy Cow! The video makes it look like the device is ready for prime time…like now! The mobile computing landscape is about to change, Big Time…and Tofel, you are thuuuuMAN for finding this!



Definitely fits into the “anything but technology” mode of life.

Also, I wonder if this is the same ultra-mobile device Intel is working on?

However, I would want to think that this would be more than a cross between tablet pc’s and pocket pc’s.

Also, how would e-paper fit into this? I would want to assume that if I want to keep a device running while I am on my bike, and look for directions at a red-light, then the the battery savings of e-paper makes sense.

All in all, a great find, jk.

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