Zed Staines Mobile Industry’s Reputation


Here’s another way to ensure that people shy away from mobile content…The Inquirer has a story claiming that LaNetro Zed kept charging people after they had sent the “stop” commmand. “Zed provides the usual stuff for mobile phone owners – wallpapers and ringtones. The problem is that users could run up a bill after their prepaid credit had run out. So Zed was collecting on past bills…What this meant was that, for some people, sending the word ‘STOP’ to Zed’s shortcode had no effect. The company continued to send premium rate messages to collect on outstanding debts. Worse still, it was charging interest on monies due.” This situation was exacerbated by the fact that the company hasn’t had a working help line for the past two years.
Sixty people complained to UK regulator ICSTIS which agreed LaNetro Zed had a problem and fined them 25,000 pounds.
From my point of view continuing to sell people content after their prepaid credit had run out is a technical problem on LaNetro’s side, and while it is reasonable to try and collect the monies owed it’s not reasonable to do it via premium rate messaging.

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