CORRECTION: DRM Delayed Nokia’s ‘iPod’ Phone


“Nokia’s music N91 smartphone — it’s first phone with a hard disk — has been held up because of DRM issues, the company confirmed…Nokia’s Pekka Pohjakallio told us last week in Barcelona that adding Windows DRM was the primary cause of the slip.” So it’s got nothing to do with iPods really…the phone was originally intended to be out before Xmas but was pushed back to the first quarter of this year…5 weeks to go. The story doesn’t say exactly what it was about adding MS’s DRM that caused the delay.
It goes on to talk about a waning in the push for P2P on mobiles: “Nokia has been bundling Symtella – a Symbian port of the Gnutella P2P client – with media units Stateside, and last year made much of this Wi-Fi phone’s sharing capabilities. It seems to have lost its fervour, with Pohjakallio talking guardedly about sharing N91 playlists by Bluetooth or MMS.”
CORRECTION: This post originally said that the N91 was due for release in the “third” quarter this year. That was a typing error on my part — I meant to type “first quarter”. I don’t know how I made that mistake, and I apologise for any confusion it may have caused.

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