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Pure Phat Renamed Hip Hop Official

Hip Hop Official LogoGoTV has renamed its Pure Phat hip hop music/ lifestyle channel to Hip Hop Official…I don’t know why, I liked the name Pure Phat. The site has been revamped, and users can now “access movie updates and trailers “On the Reel” or get “The Dirt” on album reviews and celebrity one-on-ones. “The Dirt” goes beyond just the gossip as the hosts at Hip Hop Official offer a unique look into artists’ lives, their inspiration and music, including MCs such as Juvenile and Raekwon. The channel also delivers the latest in fashion trends, state-of-the-art gadgets, must-have video games and cultural news geared specifically to the urban lifestyle.” There’s also artist interviews, reviews and coverage of mainstream and underground hip hop evenes. The channel apparently increased its subscriber base by 51% in December, although no hard figures were given in the release.
The channel costs $5.99 per month but is only available on Sprint Nextel and Boost Mobile.
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