Not A Party, But a Tech Session – Tonight


My podcasting partner Niall Kennedy is organizing SF Tech Sessions, and the debut event is tonight. It is a straight-up shoot out between the new groupware applications – Joyent, Zimbra and Kerio.

The event will bring together journalists, bloggers, small businesses, and other interested users to learn more about groupware and underlying technologies such as Ajax, Ruby on Rails, and open-source. Attendees will learn more about the industry and the three featured companies and hopefully walk away with solid material for a blog post or business decision. Each product is so close to launch you will have an exclusive look before anybody else!

Joyent, Kerio, and Zimbra will have 30 minutes to present to the general audience. After all three companies have presented we will divide into three groups for in-depth discussion and hands-on opportunities with the product. Each company will have a chance to introduce themselves on this blog before the event.


Groupware: Joyent, Kerio, and Zimbra
Thursday, February 23
6:30-9:00 p.m.
CNET headquarters
235 2nd Street
San Francisco


Om Malik

okay we will try and bring to you some video clips. see what i can do. sorry for being not good at this stuff, but soon.

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