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Indie Music Label Upset By Sprint Snub

Independent music aggregator Digital Rights Agency has blasted Sprint Nextel for failing to include independent record label catalogs, claiming it has attempted to negotiate with Sprint for the past two years. “It’s simply unacceptable that Sprint continues to exclude independent labels from its full-track download service,” said DRA Managing Director Tuhin Roy.
Aaron Radelet from Sprint said the operator was currently in negotiations with several providers of independent music and planned to announce relationships to sell full-tracks from indie labels in the near future.
It’s odd that Sprint (and other carriers, I suppose) aren’t racing to get as many songs, labels and artists as possible on their music service. After all, you can buy the latest Madonna single anywhere, but independent artists don’t have as many avenues for their music so it’s difficult for fans to get the songs. Digital services don’t have the space constraint of physical stores, and people will be more willing to pay $2.50 for a single if they can’t get it anywhere else.
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