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Dow Jones Re-org: The Morning After

Just getting a chance to scan the react to DJ’s re-org. A thank you to John Blossom for a good synthesis of my interview with DJ CEO Richard Zannino. His reaction: “It looks like DJ shareholders are on the road to a renewed organization that will be much better aligned for profitable and growing operations.”Dow Jones Reorg: Zannino Creates a Content Company with Franchises

Also, his take on Clare Hart’s ascension at DJ: “While Factiva has not performed astoundingly well financially, there’s no doubt that Clare carved a new and financially viable entity out of some very fragmented pieces and drew together disparate cultures into a much more powerful whole and energized what were two relatively sleepy products into a cohesive whole that has strong brand identity. These are skills that are about to be put to a greater test. … Dow Jones Enterprise Media” is a very telling label, one that I am sure that we’re going to be hearing a lot of buzz (and some hype) about in the weeks ahead.”
The Clare Thing: Clare Hart Takes a Step Up at Dow Jones

Outsell Now: “Both the New York Times and the Boston Globe have moved toward greater news operations synergies over the past year, but Dow Jones’ announcement is a more fundamental shift.” Affiliate analyst Ken Doctor: “The reorg shows that Zannino gets the idea that it is the intended audience that should determine how you produce the goods…. Most importantly, online is no longer a stepchild product or brand.”

NYT: Zannino: “We’ll run them like franchises, being somewhat agnostic about where people choose to get information from us. Well, not entirely agnostic. What we really want is for them to use us in all channels of distribution. When they do, we serve them better, they’re happier and we get to generate more profit.”