Apple: One Billion Music Downloads; 15 Million Video

Apple’s surpassed billion song downloads from iTunes, since it opened less than three years ago. Apple also said it had surpassed more than 15 million video downloads since they became available on iTunes in October.

Staci adds: One billion is a pretty impressive number but let’s add a little perspective: paid music iTunes downloads for the 42 million iPods sold as of Macworld Expo in January averaged about 20 per iPod based on sales of 850 million audio downloads. The first 10 million iPods averaged 25 songs each. The actual number is probably lower since not all iTunes downloads go to iPods.
As for the video downloads, the company reported 8 million-plus between Oct. 12 and early January and updated that number on Feb. 7 to 12 million-plus or an average of about 750,000 a week. The 15 million-plus number suggests that the number is sticking to about 750,000 downloads a week — again, a very good number, but it doesn’t seem to be growing despite the increased number of video iPods and the growing content library. Part of that could be due to the accessibility of video from sources beyond iTunes; in other words, the number of video downloads may be growing but iTunes is not the only game in town.

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