Samsung to release 17 inch monitor with digitizer


The SyncMasterMagic CX719TD is a 17 inch flat screen with an electromagnetic digitizer that can be manipulated with a pen. It looks like Samsung is creating the innovative monitor strictly to provide an enhanced interface not requiring a mouse. I can’t think of a use for such a monitor but am open to ideas from readers. (Thanks Kevin Tofel!)

(Samsung via Akihabara News)



Checkset/drawing markups on a dwf viewer or adobe markup tool-you can rest your hand on the screen just a little without interfering with note writing or whatever sketching or corrections you want to add. Regular touch screens don’t really do that, do they? May come in pretty handy with everyone going digital…


Some immediate ideas … and these come from the limitations of the 12″ screen on my new X41 tablet …

– use it in the living room, and have the kids do a show-and-sketch-and-tell for the grandparents!
– Use it in meetings … for small meetings with 3-5 people, with each person using a stylus!
– Use it in any “live demo” areas, foyers of offices.

I think the strongest use comes in places where you need a big screen.


1, Use with a Mac Mini–>Mac Tablet
2, A great drawing tablet for illustrators =)


It would be excellent for doing “take off” work from digital blue prints for HVAC contractors, electricians etc doing job estimates.

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