Freeware of the Moment- the PocketMod


Looking for a low cost (as in free) low-tech disposable personal organizer? I didn’t think I was either but since I have been playing around with The PocketMod I am finding so many uses for it. The PocketMod uses one sheet of paper, artfully folded into 8 pages that come together as a little booklet that will fit in your pocket. There is a nice Flash-based application that let’s you drag and drop different templates for each of the little pages that provide convenient places to add contacts, to-do lists, ruled note pages, well you get the idea. Once you customize your little booklet you print the single page on your printer, fold it up (instructions included) and slip it in your pocket. Even if you just use it to make 8 note pages to capture those ideas on the go the system is very useful. Check it out, you have nothing to lose.



if anyone wants a word document template for a PocketMod that you can type in your own information and print it, contact me at, and i will send you the attachment


Cool stuff. Thanks for pointing me to it. I made a few and donated a few bucks.

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