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Dow Jones Re-org: Staff Changes: Larsen, COO, Consumer Media; Steiger Adds Online

Gordon Crovitz isn’t the only one changing jobs. Sticking just to the Consumer Media Group, here are some of the key staff moves, many meshing print and online (those with new titles or responsibilities are in bold):

Todd Larsen to COO, Consumer Media from president, Consumer Electronic Publishing; responsibility for strategy, planning, franchise development and partnerships, plus operational accountability for online, television, radio, international, customer service and print production and distribution. Reports include Jim Pensiero, Project Renaissance for the print Journal; Randy Kilgore, DJ Online Sales; Nathan Richardson, GM, web sites; David Callaway, EIC-MarketWatch, Matt Goldberg ,franchise development and partnerships as head of a new department; Bill Casey, international operations, including the overseas editions of the Journal; Kelly Leach , strategy and planning across all brands and products.

Ann Marks will be CMO for the group and the company. Her reports include Andy Yost, who adds online subscriptions and traffic-driving to print circulation responsibilities. Jessica Perry , responsible for corporate, education, group and single-copy sales across print and online; Jennifer Stranzl, special promotions and publicity; Sally Brophy, brand identity, advertising and research; and Imtiaz Patel; who adds online strategic responsibilities to print.

Paul Steiger will be responsible for print and online; Bill Grueskin, current managing editor of the WSJ Online, will report to him.

Mike Henry will head Dow Jones Integrated Solutions.