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Qualcomm Sees Room For MBMS, But Not DVB-H

Qualcomm is happy for MediaFLO to coexist with MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Standard) but is racing DVB-H for global standardization…hardly surprising since MBMS is a 3G technology and therefore complementary to MediaFLO (or vice versa) but DVB-H is a direct competitor. “We are trying to make it as global a standard as possible,” said Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs…again, this is an obvious thing for the company to do since it will collect license fees on all MediaFLO deployments just as it does with CDMA and BREW. It’s also keen to break into the DVB-H stronghold, Europe, and is throwing a few bones to the press. “Expect to see some interesting activity this year in Europe,” said Rob Chandhok, vice president for engineering at Qualcomm. “This year is going to be an interesting time for decisions.” Which is another way of saying he doesn’t know what’s going to happen…
Qualcomm claims that MediaFLO has some technological advantages over DVB-H — which may be true, it’s out of my expertise — but it will have a tough time in Europe with the perception that the company abuses its patent rights, with complaints made to EU regulators over the topic. That’s likely to be enough to scare off at least some potential buyers.
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