Its A Very VoIPy Tuesday

MyPeople, a division of Momentum Telecom, which has started to offer wholesale VoIP services to any small and medium sized cable operator, who can then in turn offer the service to their consumers. It is a business model that has been tried before with marginal success. Net2Phone was chasing that market, and go some traction, before being bought out by former parent, IDT Corp.

The launch of My People (wholesale) shows how crowded and commoditized the VoIP service provider business has become. It doesn’t bode well for folks who are pure play service providers such as Sun Rocket and Vonage. But what kind of fate awaits folks like VoX, which just announced new plans, that are pretty competitively prices. A 1000 minutes across the U.S. and Canada for just $14.95 or VoX Unlimited plan plus 1000 VoX Worldwide Minutes across 34 popular countries for $39.95. They are also offering wholesale packages to resellers.

How long will we keep seeing the emergence of me-too VoIP Service Providers? And what will be their exit strategy? Any thoughts folks? I wonder when, not if, will I see a press release saying, “How to start your own VoIP provider in a day?”


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