Company selling Mac Tablets on eBay


A company is hand building Mac Tablets from new iBooks (thus the iTab moniker) and selling 100 of them on eBay.

The iTab is built one at a time from modified Apple iBooks. It has the same specs and hardware as the originating iBook (except for the touchscreen and the lack of keyboard, trackpad, and one less USB port). Its screen will be fastened to the body of the originating iBook, making it more durable. The width and depth of the iTab is the same as the iBook. Its height should also be the same, but might vary slightly.

Before you get all excited and plunk down your PayPal be aware of a couple of thing: it voids the warranty and Apple will likely refuse to ever service it should you need to send it in for repair. The real deal killer though is this little detail:

No handwriting recognition. The touchscreen technology used in iTab is not compatible with InkWell, Apple’s handwriting recognition technology.

So, like, what’s the point? I couldn’t find any pricing information on the iTab web site so if you have to ask…


Tablet PC User

Did you see that it the project was canceled? Check the website at:

It seems that an Apple Tablet may be more complicated that we may think. Either that or the guys at itablet did have the resources to do a good job!

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