What’s in your Menu Bar?

Having not seen the question posed in a few months, I think it’s time once again. What’s in your Menu Bar? I think there are enough of us out there with some little app or utility that we take for granted. Lets post em so everyone can find a new gem or two. I’ll start.

From left to right:
Synergy (iTunes control)
Desktop Manager (Virtual Desktop Manager)
GmailStatus (gmail, um, status)
Textpander (Typing aid/magic)
Slim Battery Monitor (Takes up less space)
Menu Meters (RAM and CPU)
Clock (customize the format in System PrefsInternational)

Alright, let’s see them people. My first suggestion would be to post to flickr – where you can annotate your screen shots – and tag them with ‘tabmenubar’. Then post a comment with a link to your flickr page. But do it however you like – even if it’s just a list in the comments. I just happen to like pictures…Shiny and colorful things hold my attention longer.


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