TiVo’s Next Move


Almost a year ago, I had suggested TiVo should simply give away its boxes, and quickly scale up to 5 million users and live off the subscription fees. Tom Rodgers, told Bloomberg that a “subscription only” business model is being considered by the company. Hey, should have listened to me, it would have saved you some time and millions in losses. TiVo should adopt a premium experience strategy and shoot go after the high for the top end of the market. The user interface is their barrier to entry and they should capitalize on that, just like Apple has!



You want Tivo to give away the boxes but position itself as a preium provider? Uh…that doesn’t make sense.

I’ve used Tivo, Replay and now Comcast. Even though Comcast has the worst UE, it’s adequate. And it edges the others in some areas.

I definitely hope that Apple does not put Tivo on the Mac, but instead rolls its own UE.

Gerald Buckley

Mr. Malik –

Apple’s going to enter the DVR market the same way they entered the MP3 market. It’s a nascient business with only a very few old oaks in the forest.

I would imagine Mr. Jobs will roll out a Mini, table or iPod solution (or an Airport Supreme to tie it all together).

And, if interface is the killer layer of the deal… Apple will dominate the boards.



Yes, a year wasted, but seems like they are on track now. Hope they are building out the inventory for the new plan.

Om Malik

maybe it is time to get rid of the comcast box – its interface annoys me no end. maybe tivo is worth $12 a month.

Jacob Varghese

Makes sense. I would love to see Apple sign a deal with Tivo to use the software in new MAC mini media centers.

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