STAR TV’s Samir Nair Denies Rumours About Moving To Reliance

0 Comments First the rumour: It’s that Samir Nair, chief operating officer of STAR India, was speculated to be moving into Reliance Entertainment.
Now the denial: But Nair has dismissed rumours that he plans to move from STAR to Reliance.
“Of course I am restless to move on, but not elsewhere. There is so much to be done at STAR. There are so many challenges at STAR. I don’t have to go looking for them elsewhere,” says Samir.
So where did these rumours of Samir’s job hop to Reliance start?
“Search me! I heard these rumours when I was in Hong Kong, ironically for brainstorming sessions with my colleagues. I am not going anywhere. Reliance probably wants to create an ‘A’ team. And one of our ex-colleagues from STAR (Tarun Katial of Sony) has joined Reliance. But I am surprised by the rumours about me.”
So What are Samir’s plans at STAR?
“We are looking at new technology, like broadband, mobile, Internet, DTS. I am looking at these as a broadcaster and content creator. We want to see where STAR is placed.”

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