FlyGesture Takes a Cue From Quicksilver


FlyingMeat has released an app called FlyGesture ($24.95) that brings together a combination of Mouse Gestures and Quicksilver (or any launcher) type capabilities. Essentially, if you’re more of a mouse-jockey than the keyboard sort, this may be the application for you. I gave it a quick run-through – mainly out of curiosity – and here are a few of my thoughts on it.

The Catalog of Actions that FlyGesture can perform is a near copy of Automator’s workflow builder. You first setup the Gesture you want to use, name it, and then create a ‘workflow’ that you want the gesture to perform. Workflows in this case, can open Safari, launch a webpage, open a file, execute an AppleScript, insert a pre-typed chunk of text, and on and on…

In order to launch the action, you have to hold down F1 while you make the Gesture with your mouse. But since F1 is generally mapped to hardware functions on Mac computers, you’ll have to hold Fn + F1 and then complete your Mouse Gesture. Of course you can also re-map your F-keys to software functions in System Preferences if you so choose.

When you press [Fn +] F1, FlyGesture brings up a little bezel of the grid that your Mouse Gesture can follow. This is helpful for those of us who have poor control over our mouse. On the other hand, it shows how exact you must be to make your Gesture. I like my mouse fast (like my cars) so controlling the motion in the relatively small confines of the bezel takes more effort than I care to muster.

The Catalog comes with around 3 dozen pre-created Gesture/Action combinations. You can then add as many as you like. This is good for those new to Gestures and Launchers alike, as it gives an idea of some of the things that are possible.

Miscellaneous items include:
Preferences allow you to remap the Activation key, in case you don’t like using F1.
When the grid comes up, the circles turn blue when you’re on the track to a correct Gesture. Red if you’re making something up.
You can write the AppleScript right in the Catalog window when you create a Gesture.

All in all, I like the idea. I think it’s a good application for those not yet initiated by the likes of Quicksilver, LaunchBar, or general Mouse Gestures. The visual grid that appears is a nice guide to have to know where you’re going, so to speak. The Catalog does a nice job of illustrating the capabilities available to the user, as well as the ease of building your Actions.

However, I’m not a mouse person – I prefer to run my system via the keyboard when at all possible. But by all means, if you’re a mouse-centric user, and/or new to Launchers or Gestures, go give FlyGesture a look. FlyingMeat makes a couple other cool apps as well. Check ’em out!

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