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David Cole, Top MSN Exec Is Leaving

I am a bit confused with all these changes at MSN, but will get an explanation when I meet the MSN people at our Seattle mixer later this week. Senior VP David Cole, in charge of the whole MSN division, announced to employees Friday that he’s taking a one-year leave of absence, after which he may or may not return to the company.

Also last week, MSN CFO Bruce Jaffe, has been transferred to Microsoft’s business development group, which handles acquisitions and partnerships.

From Cole’s internal memo, on Seattle PI’s site: “Have I lost confidence in MSN’s ability to win? Ha! Not even close. While our progress in the market doesn’t completely show it yet, I feel strongly that our strategy, our investments, and our leadership is on track to get us to a winning market position. It’s a matter of timing and execution.”

This follows some changes at, the portal under the MSN division. Earlier this month, John Nicol was announced as the new GM for This is part of the push to make an entertainment destination.